Private Investigator OKC

What sets CTC Investigations apart from other Oklahoma City private investigators? Our attention to detail as well as our dedication to getting favorable professional results on each case we accept are just two noticeable qualities that set us apart from other Oklahoma investigators. We truly offer the highest quality of service in Oklahoma!

Another distinctive quality — Discretion — We all know that there are instances where your contact with a private investigator is something that others must not be aware of. We are going to develop a plan that ensures your confidentiality. If you can’t talk when we call, you can simply say “you have the wrong number”, or “I am not interested.”  If you prefer e-mail and texting we can find alternative ways in which we can talk to you.

CTC Investigations, LLC is extremely flexible and adaptable and can blend into most any environment.  Our ability to blend into many environments is a unique characteristic that not all Oklahoma investigators possess.

Are you still wondering if CTC Investigations, LLC is the right investigative firm for your needs?

Here are 7 Other Reasons to our firm as your Private Investigator in Oklahoma City

1. Find Long Lost Relative

You will find the services of an OKC private investigator to be very helpful if you are trying to reconnect with a loved one that you lost touch with. Trying to find the person on your own can be very hectic, tedious and time-consuming especially if you do not know where to start. But when you hire our firm, we are going to dig deeper and help you find your loved one with ease.

2. Cheating Spouse

You may also find the services of a private investigator in Oklahoma City to be helpful if you are going through a rough time in your marriage or a divorce. Our company will help you know if your spouse is unfaithful or whether he or she is hiding assets. They can follow a spouse that has become distant and discreetly determine if they are having an affair and access records that you may not know about.

3. Insurance Fraud Claims

Insurance fraud claims range from committing intentional damages or injury to stretching the truth. With the help of our agency as your Oklahoma private investigator, you can find out the truth. Our investigators can follow the person and confirm the alleged damage or injury and help you prevent giving them benefits that they are not otherwise entitled to.

4. Harassment and Stalking

Harassment and stalking are major problems not only in Oklahoma City but also the rest of the United States. If you are a victim, you should take action before the whole thing spirals out of control. With the help of CTC Investigations, you can stop the threat and have the stalkers or people that are harassing you prosecuted.

5. Pre-marital Checks

Marriage is something that you should enter with caution. You need to take your time to know the person that you are getting married to. Our Private investigation firm in Oklahoma City will help you find the whole truth about your future spouse to avoid any regrets later on. We can verify everything you knew or thought you knew about the person before getting too involved with them.

6. Personal Injury Investigation

If you have a filed a personal injury lawsuit, our private investigator firm serving OKC can help you win it. Our company will help you find key witnesses as well as other information that is essential for winning the case. If the crash report is incomplete, they can help you find photographs of the accident.

7. Identity Theft Risk

Identity theft has become a very common problem nowadays. It happens when a person’s information is stolen and used to commit fraud or theft. With the help of an Oklahoma private investigation firm such as ours, you can find out who stole your identity with ease. The private investigator can also help you create a report that you can take to law enforcement.

Unless we’re certain we can provide the service you would need we won’t take on your case. Once we take your case we are going to conduct the investigation in a professional and time efficient manner, always keeping your satisfaction as our target. When our investigation is complete we’ll present a concise and well-written report in a timely manner.

Hiring a private investigator in OKC is a crucial decision. A lot of discreetness is required since most PI tasks involve investigating people’s private lives, or at a very close range. You need to rest assured that you have chosen a reputable, qualified, and experienced PI to carry out this delicate task. Below are 10 FAQs that will to some extent address some of your concerns with regards to hiring an OKC private investigator:

1. What are some of the services a PI can offer?

A PI can conduct various types of investigations, ranging from surveillance, background checks, and due diligence, among much more. A PI can be hired by law firms, insurance companies, businesses, and even private individuals. Sometimes, the PI may testify in court on behalf of their clients.

2. How much does it cost to hire a PI in OKC?

There are some things that you need to find out concerning cost: does the PI charge by the hour or by the job? How much will he charge per man hour? (One PI is one man hour) Will you need one or more PIs? Do they bill on a quarter hour basis? How much do they charge for mileage? Are there miscellaneous expenses? Do they work on a retainer basis? Is the retainer refundable? Is there an invoice to show how the retainer was spent? It is important to check the PI’s qualifications and experience as it will determine how much they will charge.

3. Does CTC Investigations offer a guarantee?

We conduct our investigations in a very professional and discreet manner. We pay attention to detail, and we are dedicated to getting favorable outcomes. Our company offers the highest quality of service in the entire OKC Metro Area, and our goal is customer satisfaction. However, we cannot guarantee 100% results, in every case. What we can guarantee you is that we will do our best to deliver.

4. How soon can the PI start investigations?

The investigations can start right away. Before this, we will have discussed the details of your case and settled on charges. If you have time constraints or other guidelines about the case, we will discuss how best to work around them.

5. Why not just contact the police instead of hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma City?

A qualified and experienced PI can do more than what the police can do. The PI has the time and resources to carry out their investigations while remaining discreet. They are adaptable, and you will barely notice them in an environment. A PI can handle very special cases that are usually not dealt with by law enforcement officials, for instance, a cheating spouse.

Unlike the police, a PI can work on once case for months. They have the patience to stay at a particular location for hours or days, just to get the opportune moment.

From time to time, PIs work together with law enforcement officers. They will use the information gathered by the police, for instance in the case of a missing child, and find clues or witnesses. The PI can then build on that information. Sometimes, the police may also come in to make arrests. In fact, when cops and PIs work together, the outcomes can be much better and faster.

If the police do an investigation done in your company, for instance, the information may become open to the public, damaging your reputation. A PI will do their investigation very discreetly, protecting your corporation’s reputation.

Note that law enforcement officers cannot do a PIs work, though. You need a PI for maximum results.

6. Are private investigators in OKC bonded or insured?

Yes, PIs in OKC are bonded or insured. All PIs in our business have their licenses and liability or bond insurance copies on file. All our PIs are pre-screened and vetted, and their experience and qualifications are verified.

Some of the PIs in our company are licensed to carry firearms. They have gone through the four phases of CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training), and they are licensed as armed PIs and security guards as well. Oklahoma PIs licensed to carry firearms will have ‘armed private investigator‘ indicated on their license. Their unlicensed counterparts will have ‘unarmed private investigator‘ shown on their license. Note that a PI may opt not to carry a firearm even if they are licensed to do so.

7. Does CTC Investigations have a particular area of specialty?

Our PIs have a vast working experience and have handled different types of investigations. Some of the PIs in our business have specialized in private investigations and have the relevant certifications.

We offer a free consultation to ensure that we understand your particular case. This also helps us ascertain that we can provide the service you are looking for.

8. Do you have any customer complaints?

We have striven to ensure that all our customers have been impressed by our work. You may check with the BBB or the State Attorney General Office to confirm our reliability.

9. Are there things that a PI cannot do?

Yes, as a PI, you must be a law abiding citizen, despite having access to information that is inaccessible to the general public. Some of the things a PI cannot do include: posing as a law enforcement officer, obtaining phone records via pretexting, or wiretapping.

10. Why should I choose PIs from CTC Investigations?

We only work with experienced, qualified and licensed PIs in our company. Most of them have experience in the military, private investigation, computer forensics, or law enforcement. They possess various skills like research, discreetness, and even how to handle situations that may not go as planned.

We stay up to date on the latest methods to do our investigations. We even do social media investigations or even investigations on potential partners on dating sites.

Our PIs are highly professional, can communicate effectively, and will go out of their way to ensure that they deliver the best possible outcomes. We will present a well written, concise report after the investigation is complete.

All in All

We hope the above FAQs have addressed some of your concerns with regards to hiring a Private Investigator in the OKC metro. If you still have more questions or are looking to hire a PI in the OKC area, please contact us.

We’re able to start your investigation right away. There are several methods to get the ball rolling, including telephoning or emailing us to get a price quote and a free consultation.

We look forward to the opportunity to go over your job. We understand investigative matters frequently involve highly charged, private scenarios that need the greatest discretion. We’re sensitive to this and know the way to minimize the strain in handling issues of a delicate nature. Call or email and we’ll provide you with the information that you require to give you the peace of mind you are looking for.