6 Reasons for a Business to Hire a Private Investigator in Oklahoma

There a number of reasons why you may need PI Services for Business. The bottom line is that it will save you time and money.

Here are 6 services a PI can perform for a business:

1. Background check

When you are hiring new employees, you need to factor in the success and reputation of your business.

Bringing a wrong person may have dire consequences.

Hiring a PI in Oklahoma will ensure that you do not hire employees with skeletons in their closets.

Statistics show that around 75% of businesses conduct background checks on potential hires.

A PI will be highly trained and experienced, thus able to carry out thorough background checks.

A PI will perform the following checks:

– Criminal background

– Employment and contingent workforce verifications

– Credit reports

– Personal references

– Education verifications

– Drug and health screening

– SSN and identity verifications

Hiring a PI to do background checks saves your business time and money.

This is because you tend to make informed decisions.

You will mitigate the risk of hiring candidates who may be involved in fraud, abuse, embezzlement, and criminal activity.

It protects your business from negligent hiring.

2. PI Services for Business Investigations

A PI will help you conduct a number of business investigations.

They can find out:

– The legitimacy of a business partner

– Whether a merger makes sense

– Whether there is fraud or embezzlement

These investigations can cover a number of topics:

– Intellectual property

– Criminal inquiries

– Financial searches

– Computer forensics

– Security penetration checks

– Integrity testing

They are largely determined by the needs of your business though.

A PI will save your business time and money.

They will help you to ensure that the business is not headed for a lawsuit.

A PI can also ensure the success of your business via corporate investigations like:

– Internet monitoringan image of PI services for business in Oklahoma City

– Brand monitoring

– Compliance audits

You can also carry out investigations on your competitors to ensure that they are not taking advantage of your company.

A PI’s investigations can help you get to know of a wrong before it grows in magnitude.

3. Surveillance

A PI will use surveillance to observe a person, your business premises, vehicle or even any other location, for instance, a person’s home or office.

They then document the observations so that they can be used in the future.

The reports can be written, or may be recorded as video, photographs and audio.

Surveillance entails use of sound techniques by PIs who use state of the art technology.

A PI will help gather evidence that can prove or disprove a suspicion.

They can carry out surveillance to prove or disprove:

– Employee theft

– Workers compensation

– Personal injury

– Disability claims

– Embezzlement

– Drug abuse

– Product tampering

– Industrial espionage

– Counterfeit products

– Abuse of sick leave

– Daily activities

– Work habits

A PI is very patient, and may sometimes need to wait for an event to occur.

However, they provide invaluable information.

4. Employee Compliance

Today’s complex business environment needs companies to ensure that their employees act lawfully and avoid impropriety.

A PI will help you to investigate employee compliance.

This is crucial in helping the management identify problems before they mutate to costly mistakes.

A PI’s investigation can also keep law suits at bay, whether they are government or private ones.

Better still, ensuring that all your employees are compliant ensures that operations are carried out at optimal level, and that you have conformed to all the laws and regulations.

5. Fraud investigations

When you find that some assets are missing, some bribes have been taken, or that some books have not been kept accurately, there could be some ongoing fraud.

Hiring a PI will help you carry out a fraud investigation to find out whether:

– There has been a sale of assets

– The assets were misrepresented or fictitious

– Improper payments have been made from within the company, for instance, bribes, payoffs, kickbacks, or illegal political donations

– There has been intentional misrepresentation of liabilities, income, transactions or assets

– There has been intentional pricing changes created to benefit the business’ finance

– Items have been deliberately left off the books

– There has been some tax fraud

A PI will help to determine the employee involved in fraud, and even the specific assets that were transferred improperly.

A PI can do a background check to determine whether the employees who had access to the assets have a criminal record.

A PI can check your employees’ credit histories, liens, judgments to identify red flags.

A PI can also check federal and civil records.

Better still, a PI can help you come up with a plan to prevent fraud in the future.

The plan could include an examination of the current policies and procedures.

It could also involve implementing surveillance, for instance cameras, or even tracking programs that are installed on office computers.

6. Workers compensation claims investigations

Workers compensation claims are intended for employees who get injured while on the job.

The compensation covers lost wages, medical expenses, and other expenses as the employee recovers from injury.

Unfortunately, some employees may make false claims, defrauding the company.

False claims affect insurance companies.

To cover the increase in insurance claims, the insurance companies increase the premium, transferring the cost to the employer.

If the claims are too expensive, you could be soon out of business.

A PI will help you to identify false compensation claims.

A PI has the right tools that can help uncover the fraud and provide proof that can be used as evidence in court.

A PI can interview the employee who is making the claim.

If any fraud is suspected, the interviewee’s answers can be used as evidence in court.

A PI can also provide evidence, for instance, photographs of the injury and even copies of the treatment.

A PI may also conduct a background check to investigate whether the worker was indeed injured.

A PI may check whether the employee has ever been involved in fraudulent claims in the past.

A PI may also conduct surveillance to determine whether the employee was injured the way he or she claimed.

The PI will help you to determine whether the employee has exaggerated the injury, so as to get added benefits.


As we have seen, there are a number of reasons why a business needs to hire a PI in Oklahoma City.

Most importantly, it saves you time and money.