12 Reasons for a Business to Hire a Private Investigator to Perform Surveillance

There are a number of reasons why a business needs to hire a private investigator serving Norman and surrounding areas to perform surveillance.

The general reasons are saving time, money and energy.

Here are 12 reasons to hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City if you are a business:

  1. Pre-employment screening:Huge Scope of Electronic Surveillance

As a company in Oklahoma, you will need to do a background check on applicants.

It is important to evaluate people beyond what they have stated in their resume.

You may also need to check their qualifications and skills.

This will save you time, money and energy.

You will not waste time entrusting duties to someone who cannot perform them.

You will also avoid wasting time interviewing them and putting effort to ensure smooth onboarding for them.

  1. Prospective business partners

Partnering with other people in business is a huge financial investment.

It is awash with risk.

The last thing you would want is to get defrauded.

A PI will conduct an investigation to prove whether the information provided by prospective business partners is true.

You need not waste time partnering with someone who is not committed enough, or one with a history of fraud.

  1. InvestmentsDetect Hidden Cameras and Microphones

A PI will help you conduct surveillance on a company that your business intends to invest in.

The company may appear legitimate, have a good reception, or even a list of referrals.

Are the referrals true?

Is it just a façade to trick you into investing in the company, only for problems to arise later?

A PI can help you answer the above questions.

He or she will check for a number of things:

– Public records for licensing

– Small claim judgements

– Bankruptcies

– State and federal tax liens

– Other judgments or defaults

Sometimes, your company may intend to invest overseas.

This means that there is a higher risk of fraud.

A PI in Oklahoma can utilize his network of experts in different fields all around the world and even fellow PIs to:

– Verify the company’s registration

– Operations

– Legal status

– Criminal and court records

– Reputation

– Profitability

– He can also help you determine if the website that they have set up is real.

  1. Security consultations

Your business may need to secure property, premises, assets, people or information.

Depending on the size, budget and what needs to be protected, you may need surveillance.

Surveillance here can be in the form of equipment.

PIs can also play an advisory role, for instance:

Recommending techniques to prevent theft of inventory

Recommending security services

Recommending techniques for employee safety

As a business, you therefore invest in security systems that will actually work, saving you time, money and energy.

  1. Workers’ compensation claims

According to an estimate by insurance companies, 20% of employee compensation claims are fraudulent.

Fraudulent claims will cost a business a lot of money, which could be used in a better way.

A PI can help you to determine whether compensation claims are legitimate.

A PI can record the employee doing something that they claim is not possible because of the injury that they incurred at the workplace.

On the other hand, other employees are warned that the company does investigate fraudulent claims, thus avoid making them.

  1. Attorney referrals

Your PI is a great resource for attorney referrals.

This is because they work closely with the legal system.

You may need an attorney to aid in a number of things in your business:

– Incorporation

– Drawing up contracts

– Sometimes, you may be involved in litigation.

Your PI will help you save time, as you will work with a reputable attorney from the word go.

If you are involved in litigation, your PI will be helpful in gathering evidence, becoming a witness in court and serving subpoenas.

  1. Detecting electronic surveillance

A PI can help you detect electronic surveillance in your business premises.

Sometimes, your competitor may have bugged your boardroom, or bribed your employee to place a hidden monitoring service somewhere.

  1. Internal fraud investigations

Sometimes the cases of fraud may be within the company.

Some examples of fraud within the company include:

– Missing assets

– Taking bribes

– Improper storage of records

A PI can conduct surveillance on suspected parties, and even on others who may be involved, but not known.

A PI may even go undercover as one of your employees.

  1. Asset search services

Sometimes, an individual or business may owe your company money, and they are filing for bankruptcy.

You can challenge the bankruptcy, especially if you can prove that there are certain assets being hidden.

On the other hand, if your business has won a lawsuit against an individual or company, and claim that they have no money to pay the judgement, a PI’s surveillance can reveal hidden assets.

The attorney can then place a lien on these assets.

  1. Intellectual property

If your company owns some intellectual property, a PI may be helpful if there are counterfeit products with your logo or brand name being sold.

The PI will need to conduct surveillance, coupled with other methods of investigation to trace the manufacturer.

This is most likely to lead to some danger or criminal event which only a PI is qualified to handle.

  1. Handling evidence

The manner in which evidence will be collected, maintained and used is pivotal.

A PI is trained to do this, especially if you get involved in litigation.

If the evidence is transferred, a number of things should be documented:

– Method of transfer

– Date of transfer

– The signatures of the sender and recipient

The evidence is kept under an unbroken chain of custody, beginning with the PI.

Everybody handling it in the chain of custody must be documented.

If the evidence is not being examined or transferred, it should be kept under lock and key.

They will not violate any laws since most of them have a legal background.

  1. Overall success

Hiring a PI helps you gather as much information about your brand, marketplace and competition.

This helps in overall business success.

A PI will help you stay above fraud, sexual harassment issues, internal theft, and other things.

A PI will also help you monitor how much information about your company is available to the public.


There are a number of reasons why a business needs to hire a private investigator to perform surveillance.

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