7 Reasons for a Law Firm to Hire a Private Investigator to Find Witnesses

There are a number of reasons why a law firm needs to hire a private investigator in Oklahoma to find witnesses.

An attorney may need to find a witness who has the ‘smoking gun’

The witness may be an heir, or even a former employee who has crucial information on a corporate misconduct.

Here are 7 reasons for a law firm to hire a PI to find witnesses:

  1. Process serviceFind Witnesses-with-Surveillance

A PI will help an attorney to find people who do not want to be served legal documents, or those who cannot be located.

If they have left, they can use skip tracing to find them.

Since a PI has a large network of other PIs, it is very easy to locate someone who left a country or town.

A PI is also aware of the various laws that apply when it comes to serving subpoenas in other states.

A law firm will benefit from the services of a PI if the case is important and the deadline to serve the legal papers must be met.

A PI will also help to serve legal papers to a potential witness.

  1. Finding clients

A PI will help a law firm Services to find a client whose case has closed after dragging on for years.

The PI will locate the litigant and notify them of the case’s outcome.

The PI can also inform the client of an upcoming deposition.

Another reason a law firm may need to find their clients is because some of them may be debtors.

Sometimes, the law firm may need to find someone who owes their client money and how to Market-a-Law-Firm.

  1. Interviewing witnesses

A PI comes in handy when it comes to locating witnesses.

They will locate witnesses in police reports and statements and interview them.

A PI knows how to persuade even witnesses who may not want to talk.

A PI will also deconstruct witness statements, as well as compare and contrast statements that were taken at different times.

Some witnesses may claim forgetfulness.

Your PI knows how to get Private Investigator to Find Witnessesthem to give crucial information.

A PI is proficient in police procedures, thus is able to identify flaws conducted by the prosecution and police.

The flaws can be exploited by the PI to identify and locate more witnesses.

For instance, if the officer-in-charge doesn’t give details, there is a possibility that his omissions point to something that your PI could exploit.

Some of these details include:

– Missing pages

– Discrepancies between the OIC and first responder’s notes

– Pages that are not numbered

This could result in even more witnesses being identified by your PI.

Since your PI is experienced, they can couple their investigations with finding witnesses, for instance, visiting the crime scene, making stretches, verifying sight lines, and taking pictures.

These investigations may reveal inconsistencies, pointing to more potential witnesses.

  1. Skip tracing

There is a high likelihood that the witnesses have moved especially if the crime was committed many years before.

A PI will review the witnesses identified by the police, their statements, and compare and contrast statements taken at various times.

They can identify flaws and potential areas of exploitation.

A PI will locate witnesses that the prosecution was not able to find.

Locating these witnesses is time consuming, and it requires a lot of energy and resources.

Hiring a PI will save you time, money, and energy.

If your client is convicted, you need to look for more witnesses.

There is a high likelihood that they moved, especially if the crime was committed many years before.

  1. Locating experts or famous people

If an expert of famous person is involved in litigation, a law firm will need the help of a PI to locate them.

It is difficult to locate famous people since they tend to hide personal data in a bid to avoid the paparazzi.

Sometimes an attorney needs to locate an expert witness so as to serve them legal papers.

They tend to have multiple properties which are held in names of partnerships or shielded via business managers.

  1. Finding an heir

If an attorney needs to find the next of kin or heirs to an estate, a PI will come in handy.

Sometimes, the identities of these parties are known, but there are no current addresses.

In other cases, there are only vague references to survivors, who may be aged or even deceased.

A PI will help a law firm to locate heirs to ensure the execution of a will or state probate.

A PI can use even clues left by long lost relatives and follow leads to discover an heir’s current location.

Sometimes a genealogy expert may need to work with a PI if the list of heirs in incomplete.

The genealogy expert can go back in time and trace the linage.

  1. Training

A PI has a legal background, and has received specialized training on techniques to use to locate people who are hard to find.

Court systems place more credibility on eye-witness and expert witness testimonies.

Your PI will help you to find witnesses who can actually go to the stand.

This is because they have received training on how to locate a potential witness and compel them to appear in court.

A PI has been trained to interview the witness before they testify in court.

This ensures that there is evidence for any inconsistencies that may arise as the witness testifies in court.

However, witnesses are not compelled to testify unless the court subpoena’s them.

A PI’s training can help them determine the extent of a witness’ knowledge and whether it is helpful to a particular case.

A PI has received training and knows the techniques needed to locate a witness and confirm or deny the statements issued in an investigation.

A PI can also verify or denounce evidence obtained.

A PI can identify a witness’ trail even when they try to hide.

They can trace a person’s everyday activities and transactions.

Moreover, a PI has access to various databases that can help follow a person’s trail.


As we have seen, there are a number of reasons for hiring a private investigator in Oklahoma to find witnesses.

Whether it is for process service or skip tracing, a PI helps law firms to save time, money and energy.