Hire a Private Investigator in Oklahoma for Litigation Support

Losing even a single case destroys the reputation of a law firm and its attorneys as well.

Winning a case is highly dependent on the skills that an attorney has at fact gathering.

Here are 10 reasons for a law firm to hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City for litigation support:

1. Interviewing witnesses
A PI can locate and interview witnesses that may be helpful to the defense.

This helps the attorney to meet the witnesses and prepare them for their eventual testimony.

A PI also helps in depositions.

The depositions can serve a number of purposes, for instance, if the witness becomes unavailable or changes their evidence.

A PI can compile adequate evidence via the words provided by an individual via a statement, whether it is verbal, non-verbal, or written.

A PI can also pick hints from the tone and manner with which the witness speaks, as well as the way they react to questions, and their physical characteristics too.

The interviews could also be recorded.

A PI will work with the attorney to come up with questions that both of you will agree upon.

A PI is able to personalize the interview, and will know the cases where the gender and ethnicity of the PI is vital.

A PI will provide evidence that you can use to prove or disprove your investigations.

A PI will also adhere to local, state and even federal laws.

If law enforcement needs to be involved, a PI knows how to go about it.

An interview can involve talking to potential witnesses over the phone.

A PI may also interview witnesses who may actually testify for the prosecution.

Using a PI to interview witnesses helps to:

– Gauge the credibility and demeanor of the witnesses

– Find details of witnesses’ stories

– Strategize how to handle their testimony at trial

– Impeach witnesses who give contradictory information

– Establish a foundation for arguing witnesses who may refuse to speak to the defense or are biased against the defendant

– Find leads for new evidence and people to interview

– Find information that could have been misstated or omitted, intentionally or not.

– Ask questions that the law enforcement did not ask

– Have a record of what the interviewee said

2. Locating witnesses and other people
A PI will help an attorney to not only determine the location of a witness, but also whether they exist.

PIs have various resources and they can determine a strategy to locate a witness as an attorney prepares for litigation.

A PI may help to locate someone who needs to be served with a subpoena.

The PI could even help you locate a former client who owes you money.

3. Background checks

The testimony from a key witness is extremely powerful in a trial.

Sometimes it is the only difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Any unfavorable surprises about a witness’ background could make you win or lose the case.

Crucial information like the fact that the witness lied or has a criminal history could be detrimental to the outcome of the case.

A PI can save you from all these problems as they can perform a background check on the witnesses.

Better still, a PI can perform background checks on opposing parties.

A look into their history and past actions may make a significant difference in how you create your case.

You can strategize how you can cross-examine them or create a favorable negotiation.

Having information about the opposing side will help you to work the cross examination based on the facts that you know.

4. Asset investigation

Asset investigation is pivotal in a number of cases:

– Personal injury

– Unpaid child support or alimony

– Business due diligence

These cases are highly dependent on the discovery of hidden assets or the obtainment of a true valuation of existing properties and assets.

A PI can help you identify hidden assets or the true valuation of property or assets.

They can also help you identify information that is related to assets.

A PI can help you to recover settlements and verdicts for your clients.

5. Expert witness

A PI can serve as an expert witness.

He will review the work of others, for instance, police laboratory technicians.

He will also testify.

6. Process service

A PI can help to serve the witnesses with subpoenas informing them to appear in court to testify.

A PI will help serve subpoenas duces tecum.

This is where the court requires a person or organization to deliver specific documents, objects or records, for the judge or defense to inspect.

A PI can for instance serve a company with a subpoena that demands call logs.

7. Collection of evidence

A PI will also pry documents from government or even private businesses.

A PI can:

– Request documents

– Compose interrogatories

– Take depositions

A PI is able to retrieve evidence that had been destroyed, for instance text messages, emails and other electronic documents.

8. Surveillance

A PI combines surveillance with a number of investigative methods.

For instance, after interviewing a witness, a PI can conduct surveillance to provide more information.

They will maintain pursuit and will not lose an individual’s visual contact.

Surveillance reveals crucial evidence which cannot be obtained in any other way.

A PI has all the equipment that they need for surveillance, for instance, tinted vehicles, and pursuit cameras.

9. Post-trial investigation

Sometimes, despite putting in a lot of time and effort building a strategy, you could receive an unfavorable verdict.

If you think the verdict is not equal with the evidence that you provided, hiring a PI may help you to show that there was a legal error or juror misconduct that had a direct outcome on the client’s case.

A PI will help you collect evidence that you could use to seek an appeal.

10. Minimizing costs

The cost of a conviction, whether financial or otherwise are very high.

It may carry a jail term, significant fine, or even make finding a job difficult or impossible.

A PI will help you utilize all the possibilities that you can to avoid a conviction.


As a law firm, your attorneys may not have the time or resources to carry out successful investigations.

This will not only have detrimental results in your clients’ cases, but also have a negative effect on your company’s image.

This is the main reason why a law firm needs to a hire a PI in Oklahoma.