5 Reasons why a Law Firm should Hire a Private Investigator to Perform Surveillance

Building a solid defense strategy or preparing a lawsuit is demanding and time consuming.

Attorneys may not have the time for field investigations.

This is where a private investigator (PI) comes in handy.

They help the law firm to access pertinent information and evidence that could help the attorney to win the case.

Here are 5 reasons why a law firm in Oklahoma needs to hire a private investigator to perform surveillance:

  1. Saving time and money

Often, a law firm in Oklahoma will not have the staff or even the expertise to handle field investigations.

A PI will help locate valuable information that is obtained appropriately and ethically.


They will do this cost-effectively and efficiently.

The attorney therefore concentrates on matters of the law instead of wasting time doing investigation.

The PI will help the attorney to develop facts and secure evidence.

Moreover, a private investigator has the right equipment for his art (and science).

Different types of surveillance will require different equipment.

Some of the basic equipment that a PI will always carry around in their vehicle include:


– DC to AC power inverter

– Binoculars

– Battery jump starter/ compressor/inverter

– Mono pod

– Tri pod

– Memory cards or tapes

– Video camera/back up battery/charger

– Backup/secondary camera

– Covert camera

– Toilet paper

– Overnight bag

– $20 cash

– Additional food /water

– Portable camping toilet

– Flashlight

– Toolset

– Window shades

Better still, a PI will have the right kind of surveillance vehicle.

A PI will save you the time and money that you need to set up a team to help with investigation.

A PI is a resource.

PIs also have a large network of professionals whose skills they can put to good use.

  1. Experience and training

Most PIs have law enforcement backgrounds or may have degrees in criminal justice.

This means that the law firm in Oklahoma can rely on them to conduct surveillance(Training) without breaking the law.


A PI is licensed therefore the law firm will not incur extra expenses in paying fines, or even waste time in handling more cases.

The PI is experienced and knows the best sources of information depending on the case.

A PI is also able to develop an individual’s character from the information derived from a court case.

A PI has intensive and extensive knowledge in investigation.

A PI is trained to conduct investigation surreptitiously.

The target will not know that they are being followed.

This helps as they will not change their behavior or hide.

An experienced PI prioritizes his target’s safety as well as his own in a way that a law firm may not be able to.

Better still, they have been trained how they can handle themselves in the event of a confrontation.

An experienced PI has the expertise to get full and detailed information.

They rarely make mistakes that can give them away.

  1. Prevents the attorney from becoming a witness in the case

Using a PI to handle surveillance helps the attorney to develop evidence.

This helps when after interviewing a witness, the witness tells a different story on the witness stand.

If this happens, the attorney can impeach him with the prior statement that he had given.

This is because the PI will have performed an investigation to confirm the truth of the prior statement.

If the attorney has not used a PI, the judge may declare a mistrial.

If the testimony of the attorney becomes necessary in a case, they become disqualified from participating in the trial, except as a witness.

  1. Freedom

Using a PI to handle surveillance is beneficial in that the PI has more freedom when compared to attorneys in the law firm.

People in the legal system tend to be governed by tight rules and regulations.

Attorneys need to follow codes of conduct and extra laws.

A PI, just like any other citizen, has the freedom to obtain information via investigation, something that is impossible in the legal sector.

A PI also has an advantage of time on his or her side.

This is because this is their full time career.

They can take time as they wait for opportune moments.

Investigation does not get into the way of their regular lives.

The fact that they have time adds to their freedom and flexibility.

Another facet of freedom for a PI is anonymity.

A PI never comes across as suspicious or even as a person to be avoided.

  1. Vital information

This is a rather obvious reason, but it is an attorney’s secret weapon.

Surveillance allows you to gather vital information.

This information undoubtedly influences the decisions that you make, which helps in obtaining better outcomes for your client.

If your client had withheld information, either because they deemed it irrelevant, forgot it, were embarrassed by it, or maybe because they are simply chronic liars, a PI will help track and confirm details.

A PI knows the kind of information that could raise questions, doubts or an alternate theory.

The PI will look for the smoking gun, for instance by providing information about someone’s whereabouts at a particular time.

A PI will help put together the missing pieces, for instance, new information, inconsistencies, and comparing facts with the information given.

A PI can re-visit the scene of a crime or an accident, document it, and review previous photos to find inconsistencies.

They can review hours of video footage taken during surveillance.

A PI is able to get to the details about a client’s past.

They can source crucial aspects of their history, their weaknesses, how they respond under the pressure of a deposition or when they need to testify in court.

They can predict what the opposing party will use to cause your client to say the wrong thing.

A PI helps you to determine your client’s vulnerable points.

Most importantly, a PI will tell you the truth, whether it is good or bad.


As we have seen, there are a number of reasons why a law firm in Oklahoma needs to hire a private investigator to handle surveillance.

Building a defense strategy is time consuming and demanding.

Just allow the PI to look for the loopholes, piece information together, and help you win the case.

A PI is in a nutshell, a weapon for every attorney and law firm.