A PI Can Perform Personal Services

There are many services a PI can perform for people in Oklahoma City. The private investigator is also referred to as an inquiry agent or private detective. You can benefit greatly from their services if you want to uncover truths about some things.

The fact of the matter is that a private investigator can help you in many different ways. He or she can work with attorneys on capital punishment, investigate suspicious claims, search out evidence of adultery and so on. They can do more than FBI agents that are only needed when a catastrophe rises.

The following are the reasons why an individual would need to hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City.

Background ChecksPrivate Investigation

A PI can perform background checks on individuals or companies for corporations, law firms, and private citizens. They can conduct interviews, search public records, and verify facts and reference checks in order to provide a detailed profile of a company or individual.

If you are an employer, the PI can do background checks on potential employees before hiring them. Lawyers may also need to do background checks on the people they are defending against so as to have enough evidence during trial.

There are so many instances when background searches are needed. If they seem hectic to do on your own, you should hire a PI to help you out.

Child Custody & Family Law

When people change their names or move, it can be very difficult to track them down. Even the courts may not have enough resources to locate them.

In such situations, it will be best to look for an Oklahoma private investigator to help you out. If you are a child looking for a deadbeat mom or dad, the PI can help you do that with ease.

When parents divorce or separate, the custody of their child or children may be awarded to one parent. But this does not always mean that the parent who was awarded the children will always be the best choice.

If you are the parent who was denied custody of your children and you need to have them back for some reason, a private detective will help you gather evidence needed to have the children removed from the other parent.


Surveillance is also among the services a PI can perform for people in Oklahoma City. If you suspect that your partner is being deceitful, the private detective can help you find proof to be able to support your claims or confront them.

If you file for divorce based on suspicions, it will be very hard for the case to be in your favor because you will not have any facts to support your claims. An investigative service provided by a PI will help you collect evidence that will eliminate or confirm your suspicions.


This is one of the most popular reasons why people hire a PI in Oklahoma City. It can be really hard to get proof of your spouse’s adultery or other behavior that you cannot tolerate on your own. With the help of a PI, you can be able to find the proof easily in order to establish grounds for divorce.

Even if you feel confident enough that your spouse is involved in an intimate relationship with someone else, the evidence you have may not be substantial enough to be used in a court of law. It may be based on circumstantial evidence that can be explained away easily. A PI will help you find irrefutable proof for adultery before you go ahead to file for divorce.

Infidelity and Marital Affairs

A private investigator can also help you uncover truths about infidelity and other marital affairs. They can follow your spouse and get video or photographic evidence that can be of great help in a court of law.

If you try to investigate such cases on your own, your spouse may hold on meeting with their lover if he or she feels that you are investigating them. If the spouse finds out that you have been researching their cell phone usage, credit card statements and more so as to uncover evidence of infidelity, they will do more to hide that relationship.

A PI has the training and experience in investigating such cases, so they will find evidence without being suspected or detected.

Military Service Verification

The question of verifying military service comes up quite a bit. You may need to verify whether a person is an active member or veteran before hiring them. While there are online services that provide the verification services, some of them are not reliable.

There are people who lie about being in the military. Some of them go as far as lying about them in relationships and job interviews. If you are an employer or individual who wants to verify if the person you are dealing with served in the military, a private investigator can help you find facts you are looking for with a simple background check.

People Finder

A private investigator in Oklahoma City can also help you track down a missing person. While the police also help in tracking down missing persons, they usually cannot help until a certain amount of time has elapsed; in most cases, 48 hours.

If may be really hard to sit around and do nothing when a loved one is missing. It will be best to hire a PI to start looking for them immediately because waiting may make the search more difficult.

Process Service

It is the right and due process of the law for every person to be notified if legal action is taken against them. Documents pertaining to the actions that a person is being charged for are required to be delivered in person. However, there are some cases where people do not wish to be served by legal documents.

If a person is trying to leave town or refusing to accept legal documents about their case, a private investigator can track them down using surveillance techniques and other means. If a person claims that they did not receive the papers, the PI can find solid evidence that they received the papers.

These are just some of the services a PI can perform for people in Oklahoma City. Whenever you are trying to uncover truths about cases or find information about a person of interest, it is always a good idea to hire a private investigator. But you will have to make sure that the detective has proper licensing and qualifications before hiring them.