9 Reasons for an Individual to Hire a Private Investigator to Perform Surveillance

There are a number of reasons why you may need to hire a private investigator for surveillance.

Some of the problems that may necessitate this are:

– a cheating spouse

– hidden assets – this is usually where a spouse anticipates separation and hides assets, for instance, stock accounts, property, bank accounts, and valuable items

– the need to know someone’s past history, for instance, a potential spouse’ past divorces

– child custody-where one parent may be abusing a child

You may suspect that your spPrivate Investigatorouse is cheating on you, and may have even some sort of evidence.

However, do you realize that this information may be literally thrown out of court, because of how it was obtained?

Most of the times, trying to get information on your own results in emotional volatility.

Trying to get information by yourself may be difficult since you may not even know what exactly to look for.

Moreover, the lack of investigative skills and right tools may eventually make the investigation futile due to lack of progress.

Confrontation is also virtually impossible if you lack evidence to accuse someone.

Hiring a PI will give you a peace of mind.

A PI will provide the much needed information to help you eliminate or confirm your suspicions.

This will help you make informed decisions, confront the people involved and even provide a more convincing basis for divorce.

Better still, your evidence will be credible and unbiased since it was gathered by an objective party.

Here are 9 reasons for someone to hire a private investigator in Oklahoma City for surveillance:

1. Child Custody

If you are looking for evidence that will win custody for your child, you need compelling and admissible facts in court.

This is where a PI comes in.Businessman with Magnifying Glass

They can help do surveillance to prove facts that you cannot on your own.

It is also possible to see how they treat the children.

If they are neglecting the children, then the parent involved may lose custody.

2. Dating background checks

It is important to be cautious when it comes to whom we date.

A PI will help you do a background check on an individual to prove whether they are who they claim to be.

They can check the person’s education, criminal and court records, date of birth, employment, ID or passport, address, and many other things.

They can also identify risks and possibilities of fraud.

Online dating has resulted in romance scams.

This is because people can create profiles with information that is not true.

A PI can help you avoid dating scams.

They can investigate the truth behind the profile.

3. Divorce and family law investigations

A PI will do surveillance on your spouse if you suspect that they are cheating or hiding important information or assets from you.

A PI in Oklahoma can follow a spouse or access bank records.

They can find facts and information to help you know whether your spouse is cheating.

They can provide photographs or video footage.

4. Harassment and stalker investigations

Well, you can actually hire a PI to find out whether someone is stalking you.

According to statistics, around 1.5 million people are stalked in the U.S. every year.

A PI will help you stop this threat and if it is too much, stalkers can get prosecuted.

You will have sufficient evidence should it get to a level of prosecution.

5. Finding a lost relative or friend

Sometimes, you may lose contact with a loved one, a friend, or former workmate.

A PI can help you to locate them.

They can use public records to fill missing information, uncover a new name, telephone number, address, or social security number.

They will use this information and what you tell them to locate someone, and conduct surveillance to confirm that they have identified the right person.

6. To save time and cost

Hiring a PI saves time.

Trying to do surveillance yourself is time consuming.

If you make a mistake when trying to conduct your own investigation, you will eventually need to pay a PI to begin investigation again.

It may take a long time to find evidence, especially if the target had known that you had been trying to follow them.

The additional time may also result in higher cost.

If you still have to work and investigate people, you may not have sufficient time to do a thorough investigative job.

7. Discreetness

A PI is able to conduct an investigation discreetly.

Attempting to gather evidence yourself could make it easy for the person you are following to find out.

The person could simply change routes, the times they do things or even their behavior.

If the person is your spouse and he or she is innocent, it could cause more strife and conflict.

Your spouse may even stop cheating for a while.

8. Knowing the Law

A PI knows the law and the proper ways to gather evidence.

If you try to follow your spouse to know whether they are cheating, they may call the police and have you arrested for stalking.

Sometimes, before you ‘tap’ a phone line or record conversation, the parties involved need to be aware.

The evidence collected this way will not be eligible in court.

A PI is however allowed to record conversation.

9. Experience

A PI is able to detect a lie, when they are following a dead end, and even how to handle themselves if they are detected.

A PI has a number of tricks that can help them to get out of dangerous or difficult situations.

Trying to do investigation yourself will not only result in any dead ends, but you could be compromising your own security.

Surveillance requires skill, from knowing whether to use overt or covert cameras, to using trace mail systems, and even prediction of likely movements.

Better still, they have the required training, and keep going for courses, for instance, evasive driving courses on professional race tracks.

This ensures that they have a current, sharp and relevant skill set.


There are a number of reasons why you may need to hire a private investigator for surveillance.

Hiring a PI in Oklahoma will give you peace of mind, save you time, give you a basis for confrontation, and provide evidence that eligible for use in a court of law.